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Dec 24, 2008

a new segulah?

While this is not quite as strange as the emails Jameel wrote about, it is still pretty strange. The following email was sent to the local community email list...

Has anybody ever heard of such a segulah?

I need someone that has an Almond tree in their back yard that
strangers cant get to... Do you have one?

I want to hang over Tu Bishvat name of people on it that need Zivugim.

If you are willing to do this chessed, please call...




  1. it could if you fall out of the tree while hanging things on it!

  2. it is an actual segula though i don't know the source. I could look it up but don't have the time. (maybe if i check in later). Anyway, you will see lots of trees with bags hanging from them after tu b'shvat. Though, i think the segula is for one of the 7 minim trees (fig, pommegrante, grape, date, olive).

  3. My mother is into that BS and she does it. I think they're guidelines for making up segulahs, so you don't need a source, just creativity


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