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Dec 23, 2008

Saved twice, by the same person (video)


  1. Wow, that was really special. I have to tell you that I'm personally touched by the video. I explain in detail on my blog. Yad Hashem is apparent wherever we are.

  2. BB,

    I read your post. Unfortunately, one needs to have an account to comment on your site, so I'll trespass on Rafi's comment area:

    So you were in a place (two places, actually) which you normally wouldn't have been anyway (but had been there at some point previously), and that's yad hashem? You're cheating yourself - there are many incidents (some of which you probably know about) involving people who had some reason to have been at one or another of the attacks and for some reason were not (like in the song). Take a lesson from one of them instead.

  3. Is that story true? Or is it like the made-up story of the guy who left his tefillin getting off of United 93?

  4. I still can't believe the towers came down. Every time I drove by ground zero, I would think about it.

  5. I write with great trepidation, but feel I must. Yes HKB"H watches over each of us (to what extent is a great debate of hashgacha klalit vs. pratit) and we must thank HKB"H for every second and every resource that through his great chesed he grants us. Certainly the recipient of chesed, such as in this song , must appreciate it.

    Having said that , what do we say to the survivors of those who (in the classic 9/11 stories) instead of going to their regular minyanim and being late to work because of slichot, went to an earlier minyan so they could be at work on time. IMHO we must always understand that we really have little understanding of the calculus that HKB"H uses to run the world and thus can't really take results as a proof of our understanding unless we are willing to subject them to rigorous stastical testing (which we are not)


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