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Dec 18, 2008

The Israeli Air Force and my daughter

and in a perfect continuation from my last post about the Neturei Karta flyer, yesterday my 8th grade daughter received the following brochure in the mail...

It was from the Israeli Air Force inviting my daughter to apply for the Air Force Academy (High School)...

I wonder if she received it because she is such a good student, or if they justs end this out to all 8th graders around the country....


  1. my daughter got one like this last year in 8th grade

  2. B"H

    Part of the indoctrination attempts in the Haredi community.

    You'll be happy to know that their plan backfired at least once.

    I knew a young woman who went into the IAF. She was a chilled out BT, wore a long skirt in the IAF, and was very nice and friendly, no doubt a good example.

    She was trained as some kind of mechanic, a skill and experience which will help her in the future.

    When she got married, she continued her IAF with her hair covered, and she left the IAF [relative?] unscathed. No doubt support from outside was a help to her.

    It doesn't make me rush to send my kids to the IAF, though.

    This woman served ten years ago. I have heard the tactics are getting worse....

  3. RAFI,

    nu, so is she enrolling in the school?

  4. lol...
    I told her that if that is really where she wants to go it is ok with me.... but the answer is no.


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