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Dec 2, 2008

The newest kosher item on the market

Thought you have seen it all with bleach that is certified kosher? dish-washing detergent? kosher laundry detergent? Perhaps it was the kosher garbage bags that struck your fancy?

We just received our phone book for the new year.... and sure enough, now we have kosher phone books!

(see the lower section of the cover.... for the enlarged certification, see the following image)
certified by the "Spiritual Committee for Book Inspection".

Good thing we have this certification- we know all the racy ads that can be found in a phone book!


  1. you have never seen racey until you open up the entertainment section of the Las vegas Yellow Pages. Good lord! They would not be a kosher phone book, i promise you that!

  2. My all time favorite is still the bottle of drain cleaner that has the badatz hechsher right next to the skull and crossbones... :)

  3. i think it's "kosher" b/c it leaves out many MANY dati leumi rabbis in the rabbanim section

  4. That is actually pretty wild. The BT in me thinks that it rocks, yet I'm curious what's really in the non-hechshered phonebook...

  5. of all the things listed, this one actually makes sense. I have seen many inappropriate pictures in phonebooks

  6. I'm sure they skip the ads for "escort" services that you can find in American phone books at least.

  7. even in the pre-hechsher days of the Jerusalem phone book one did not find ads for escort services...

  8. the truth is th is that there is very little difference between a Livni government and a Netanyahu government. Wait and see. We have seen it before.
    I prefer Netanyahu over Livni, but I do not expect much from netanyahu as far as standing strong on a reasonably right wing stance.

  9. rafi.... as much as your livni comment is interesting, it has nothing to do with kosher phone books :-)

  10. Who is on this self-apointed censorship board of Rabbanim? Who funds them? Who sets their crieteria?
    And what happens when they decide to take on the local libraries....?
    Creeping closer to Taliban every day...

  11. rafi? do they advertise any stores that sell the non-badatz cell phones?

  12. don't know. when I sit down and read through the phone book I'll let you know!


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