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Dec 18, 2008

The Donald calls Madoff a sleazebag

The Donald weighs in on the Madoff scandal... He gave an interview on the topic to CNN. He calls Madoff a sleazebag and says that he was a Svengali for the rich people.

Trump blames the victims greed for how they could invest so much with 1 person. Just because they believed they would get higher returns, and [some of them] were wealthy already with plenty of cash, but were greedy and mortgaged their homes so they could get even more. Now many have lost even 100% of what they had, and now have to sell their homes and belongings just to live.

Read the interview. It is very interesting.

There is nothing good that can be said about what Madoff did. Every day we hear about more and more organizations, many of them charities, that have lost tens of millions of dollars with Madoff. Trump is right. He is a sleazebag. But if he could get away with it for so long, how can anybody now trust the SEC and anybody else with protecting investors money from such fraud?

This is not just a scam he was able to get away with for 6 months... he pulled this off for 15 years! Under the noses of the SEC!


  1. Madoff, as in Made-off! Looking his Swiss bank account! Maybe he too Made-off and dropped an envelope or 2 on Ehud Olmert???

  2. Trump is right, but it takes one to know one.

  3. Thanks for posting the interview link. I think he will not be the only one taking the fall. Sad news for the Jews.

  4. where's all the calls for a 'day of prayer' like the one a few weeks ago to pray that G-d fix the economy?

    Hmm, I guess asking G-d to make people more ethical doesn't have the same ring to it. Not as exciting. Nothing much for the Rabbis to gain from that one.


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