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Dec 18, 2008

23 years and 15 months

An employee in a US nuclear facility was just convicted the other day to 15 months of prison (two counts, but to be served at the same time). For stealing nuclear secrets and passing them to an enemy country. An enemy country that is flagrantly in the process of developing nuclear weapons against the directives of the US while suffering sanctions from the US. Iran. One of the countries in the Axis of Evil.

And all he got is 15 months.

I think the 23 years Jonathan Pollard has served, with no end in sight, has been far more than adequate, when compared with other instances of spying for foreign countries.


  1. Jews are always held to different standards. JJ Pollard is no Danny Kurzer. Too bad we won't know what they'll get in Olam Haba.

  2. We really don't know the level of the secrets which this guy passed to Iran. On the other hand, I heard from a friend who is in the State department (or maybe from his brother, who heard it from him), that the stuff Pollard passed on was extremely damaging. You may be comparing apples and oranges here.

    I do think that Pollard has served way too long and should be released, but I don't think it does any good to make comparissons when we don't really know the specifics of either case, nor is it likely we ever will.


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