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Dec 7, 2008

Rav Kanievsky and Mashiach, take two

Remember a short while back I linked to an amazing story with Rav Chaim Kanievsky? He supposedly had said that Armageddon was coming by Hanukkah time and Mashiach was on the way...

It turns out the story was not true. Even though the author said he had verified it, he had only verified it second hand, and there was a mis-communication. Turns out it never really happened.

When he tried to verify the story after getting probably thousands of hits from different people linking to his post and sending it out by email, he found out that Rav Kanievsky never said such a thing. Not only that, but Rav Kanievsky said "Never trust anything said in my name."

Also, there was an article in this week's Mishpacha newspaper about it.

The story was going around. not just in the blogs, but it seems all over the place, especially in the Haredi world. As a matter of fact, my daughter told us the story at the table on shabbos, saying "Did you hear Rav Elyashiv said there will be a war and we will be in the bomb shelters on Hanukkah?". I said, first of all the story was with Rav Kanievsky, and second of all, Rav Kanievsky said it is not true...

Anyway - the article in the Mishpacha said that Rav Kaniebsky said the story never happened, and that he never said there would be a war by Hanukkah, etc. Another thing interesting he said, with a smile, was that he does not make such predictions, but he does say every day that he expects and awaits Mashiachs arrival... "b'chol yom she'yavo"


  1. What does this tell us about those in the Litvish world who thought that this WAS the way he spoke? Sure if they were caught unawares of his style, this shows they are simply out of the loop.

  2. Anything weird and wonderful you hear from the Gedolim is probably not true. For whatever reason, in contradistinction to their care in verifying halachah, when it comes to verifying strange Gedolim tales people are gullible and supsertitous and like to believe everything. Either it's time to become more rationalistic or time to understand more deeply the paramaters of daas Torah.

  3. איק פhenomenon of the litvishe world taking on styles from the chassidishe and sfardic world, and the sfardim taking on litvishe and chassidic styles, and chassidic taking on litvishe and sfardish styles, has all been noticed and widely discussed in the haredi press numerous times.

    About half a year ago the mishpacha magazine dedicated an entire magazine to analyzing the phenomenon.

  4. Since he says we shouldn't believe anything said in his name, we can't believe that he said that we shouldn't believe things said in his name.

  5. lol.. so the double negative means we could believe he said mashiach is coming... but then if you keep it going it is endless...


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