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Dec 23, 2008

crazed lunatic settler or satirist

Marzel sent a letter to the Tehnion requesting an interview for a position as Professor of Mathematics.

In the letter he wrote (source: NRG),
"It is true that I have no experience or understanding in math, and this is not a subject in which I excelled at during my studies in school. However, professor Hershkovitz became the head of a political party [Bayit Yehudi] that will have to contend with serious issues and problems, such as the fight for the Land of Israel, fighting against the enemy, serious political battles, etc. and he has no experience or understanding in that realm. So there is no reason why I cannot be instated as Professor of Mathematics.

Even if I fail in my teaching mathematics, it will definitely hurt less, and be less influential, than the upcoming failures of professor Hershkovitz in the public realm.

I will be happy to present my credentials for inspection to a panel of rabbis plumbers and carpenters.."

Baruch Marzel is not just a "crazed lunatic settler". He also has a sense of humor. Who would've thunk it???


  1. I do indeed think that Marzel would cause am yisrael less harm if he were a Professor of Mathematics instead of a political activist

  2. Cute, but off the mark. First of all, the Technion did not appoint Hershkovitz, so there is no reason to bother them about it.

    More importantly, mathematics, or any almost any other academic discipline, requires requisite training and expertise. If Marzel, by his own admission, took math in school and demonstrated that he is no good at it, then he has no business heading a mathematics department. However, there have been many effective leaders who excelled without having the proper "credentials", to the point that it's not entirely clear that there are one correct set of credentials. (Marzel even fancied himself MK-material after serving as the spokesman of Kach, which is not exactly known for knowing how to participate well in the political arena.)

    I'm not really sure where Marzel gets off saying that Hershkovitz has no understanding in politics, etc. Could be that he doesn't, but just because he's been relatively uninvolved until now does not mean that he is thus lacking. By the same token, one could take the position that Marzel does not understand civil dialogue, since we never seem to see him taking part in one. However, we do see that he can pull off cheap chicanery and misleading analogies.

  3. There are plenty of thinking people with far-right-wing views. Although what he did might be hilarious from the perspective of hilltop youth and Zilberman Yeshiva Ketana Bochurim, it as Yoni r. points out it comes out quite adolescent in the over 20 crowd. I'm sure there others who think that's funny but they mostly are living in Brooklyn and the Five Towns and can't vote.
    Neither he, the crazy Mishichist or Ariel Zilber will get anywhere near the Knesset, but will see alot of antics (and hopefully good music) while they help the right-wing commit suicide again.

  4. Not everyone in the knesset has credentials as a public policy expert. I agree that the analogy is foolish.

  5. And certainly not everyone with "credentials" as a public policy expert should be in the knesset either.

  6. I agree with all of you. But it is still a good little biting piece of satire...

  7. ha! that is MISHUG that he actually sent that!

  8. Shimon,
    You know baruch marzel on a personal level? I eat by him shabbat day almost every week for the past 2 years and been eating by him shabbat and chagim for 3 years before that on a semi often level.

    The man is smart, he knows how to act and fight.

    He is not my "dream" canidate.. he may not be as smoooth or suave as feiglin.. but he's one who has the right beliefs.

    He heads hachnasas orchim chevron and dozens of other orginizations, its not your everyday kidush commitee.. chevron see's tens of thousands of visitors on chayei sara, chol hamoed peasach and sukot..

    There thousands of visitors for chagim and many other events..

    He is at the head of chomesh first, he is at the forefront of hilltop establishment etc..

    The guy does alot.. more than you will ever know.. more than even I will ever know.. more than I can share as I dont relish the shabak on my case..

    He also heads talmud torah mearas ha,achpela.. and dozens of other causes and orginizations.


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