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Dec 28, 2008

Cherem now has a website

I did not get a picture of it, but there is a new cherem being plastered around town. This one though is a retaliatory cherem.

The "settler" organizations Matot Arim, Komemiyut, and Eretz Yisrael She'Lanu are running a cherem against the media for their support of a cherem against products made over the Green line.

It is a complicated cherem, and that is probably why it will not uscceed, but here goes, if I understand it correctly. they cannot hit the media directly, so they are analyzing the advertising in the largest newspapers, and calculating the top 10 companies and products advertised, each month. They then will post signs and information declaring the top ten of the month and that those products should be banned.

The idea is that if those companies/products get hit by a decrease in sales by 5-10% because of the cherem, the companies will advertise in these specific media outlets much less, thus hurting the specific targeted media.

Sounds complicated to me. Also, if I have to follow every month to see which products are currently under boycott, it is extremely unrealistic (for me, and probably for many others)...

More info can be found on the cherem website. Acually, that is the best part of the whole issue - there is now a website declaring cherems. It is just a shame the haredim did not get the domain and idea first, as they would put this website to much heavier use.

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