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Dec 12, 2008

Now I have a dillema for whom to vote

After today's victory of Bibi over Feiglin in successfully pushing him down to the 36th seat in the Likud list using some loophole in the rules of reserved seating, I now have a dillema.

On the one hand, I now consider Bibi Netanyahu a small-time politician for the way he has obsessively dealt with Feiglin winning a spot in the Likud list, and no longer want to vote Likud. If that is who is going to lead the country, and this is how he behaves, perhaps he does not deserve it, and is not fit for the job. He is more fit to be a party whip than to be prime minister.

On the other hand, if I want to get Feiglin in, Likud needs all the votes it can get, so that the 36th spot becomes realistic. Is Bibi hoping the Likud does not get 36 seats?

Also, who else is there to vote for? None of the other parties appeal to me, and the only problem with the Likud is Bibi Netanyahu and his behavior....


  1. same dilemma. this morning's Jpost says that Bibi is planning on pushing him even further down the list by merging with Tzomet.

    am very very disillusioned with Bibi now.

  2. Hard to say that is the ONLY problem with Likud. After all, they've kept Bibi their leader for some time; and there is little or no protest to the latest autocratic moves on his part.

    I know it sounds corny, but I really miss the old guard of Likud. The Herutniks, especially, tended to be people of personal honor. Where can we find someone with the integrity of Menachem Begin, who also stands a political chance?

  3. In a way, that's why it was brilliant by Netanyahu. People will have to come out full force for Likud giving it a huge mandate or ignore it completely, which will hurt them more than it hurts him.

  4. Ezzie - any time the large, ruling party does not get a lot of seats it is that much more difficult for them to run the government, as it means they are all that much more dependent on the small sectoral parties.

    It might make people extra motivated to come out in force, but I promise that that was not his intention. Also,if it happens and Feiglin still gets in, it will be despite Netanyahu's small-time politician moves, rather than because of Netanyahu's brilliance.

    It is a shame, because Netanyahu has such potential to be a great leader, but he fails miserably each time he is given the opportunity, as he gets caught up in small-time issues.

  5. I have no such dilemma. Likud just lost my vote.

  6. so who has won your vote away from the Likud?

  7. Wake up Dumb Israeli's!
    I would get a huge worldwide boycott of LIKUD with a slogan "Let's teach Bibi a Lesson" and get everyone to vote for Livni. With Livni you know what you get. If Feiglin is a player, he gets out of likud TODAY and get LIVNI elected, takes all the charediu voters with him and have LIKUD suck air again! Bibi is a nothing, he is a dictator from the old days of Sharon. But no, Israeli's think they are smarter and keep getting weaker by hanging in with Likud. If so you deserve what you get.

  8. The main difference between Livni and Bibi is how fast they will give away the country. Kadimah has all but been guaranteed an important role in a possible Likud coalition.

    Bibi is going to keep the Feiglin and his supporters from playing any significant role in the government.

    I have a friend that has a lot of integrity and the positive qualities that good politicians tend not to have. I have offered to help him to try to get into the Knesset on the Yisrael Betaynu ticket.

  9. Rabosai:
    Did Feiglin not say that Bibi will be a disaster for the country. He's entititled to those views, but does someone like that really belong on the Likud list? Sacket, his right hand man, made comments about "the beginning of a revolution". Feiglin is clearly taking advantage of the primary system and Bibi is changing the rules to stop him. That being said I do admire Feiglin's integrity for not goung to the Supreme Court.
    Anon-Feiglin's power is through the Likud members he signed up. There are about 6000 of them. Even if he gets all of them to vote Kadima, (which I think is unlikely) it won't make much of a dent in a general election. Feiglin has no influence on who Charedim vote for, and they vote for their own parties, and they're not gonna vote for Kadima for any reason.
    Ehrwhy-After the fiasco in Lebanon, while Likud both 1.stayed out of the governent 2. kept their integrity by not bribing Kadamah MK to come back to them Yisrael Beitenu joined the goverment in return for Liberman's shady "Ministry for Strategic Matters". I don't see why anyone would consider a party dominated by one man, who behaves in such a fashion to have more integrity than the Likud.

  10. Eli - I agree that Yisrael Beiteinu is not an option. Especially for a religious voter. While they are right wing, they have tried to push a lot of secular law that many religious might consider anti-religious, and be extremely at odds with. I see more of a chance for supporting a party like Hatikva (Aryeh Eldad's) than YB.
    But I am still leaning to the Likud.

  11. Bibi has totally lost my trust! That is not how a leader in a "democratic" country acts. I hate to vote for small parties - but unless I can be convinced otherwise I think I will go with bayit yehudi.

  12. i have the same dilemma. i despise feiglin. if i vote likud i could be responsible for getting him in.

    maybe i'll check out the green party.

  13. ben - I am probably voting Likud despite Bibi (I dont despise him, I just think he has showed himself to be a small time hack). You should vote Likud despite Feiglin.


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