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Aug 22, 2013

Another snitch line opened, this time against kashrut supervisors

It seems that snitch-lines must be a successful method of the government finding out the information it looks for. Besides for seeming dirty, encouraging citizens to turn on each other, it seems unprofessional - the government should have better methods, it should do its own work. They charge us an awful lot of money in taxes to pay the salaries of lots of government employees - they should be doing their own work and not dumping it on the citizens of the State.

Habayit Hayehudi is opening a new snitch-line. This snitch-line will be targeting mashgichim - kashrut supervisors - of restaurants and other food establishments who supposedly disappear on the job. When this happens, it gives the feeling over to the restaurant owners that the concept of hasgacha is really just a business and nothing to do with kashrut.

The project is being run by the "Secular division of Habayit Hayehudi" and they promise that every case reported will be investigated and passed on the Ministry of Religious Affairs .

If you are curious, the phone number of the snitch-line to report on such mashgichim who do not do their job properly is 052-873-6395.
(source: Israel Hayom)

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1 comment:

  1. The sacred Bayit Yehudi is apparently backtracking on this initiative but we can still add it to the growing list of idiotic amateurish things they are doing:
    - Bennet taking control of the religious Mafdal and turning it into a general party
    - meddling with the local municipal elections against local residents in order to totally convert the whole Mafdal system to a dati-secular party.
    - joining Lapid at all costs in some agreement
    - blundering in uniting the National Religious sector behind strong candidates for chief rabbis
    - blind following after Rav Stav with Lapid so that no one even thought ahead of time to reverse the idiotic Rav Ovadia law that prevents anyone over 70 from being a candidate for chief rabbi
    - agreeing to severe budget cuts that directly affect core constituents - child allowances and payments to yeshivot
    - staying in government that is freeing convicted terrorist murderers and is negotiating to give away more land


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