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Aug 25, 2013

UTJ is not a right-wing party {Yawn}

Rare is the situation in which any given political party represents perfectly the ideals of the people who support it.

Each person chooses to support the political party, or candidate, it feels will represent him or her the best of all the options. When one has to choose between the good and bad aspects of a party or candidate compared to the good and bad of a different party, that person will decide which issues are of greater importance to him, and then will resolve his conflict by choosing the best of the options, even though that party does not completely represent him and everything he believes in.

UTJ never claimed to be a right-wing party. They claim to be the party that is concerned for the yeshivas, the avreichim, public adherence to the rules of Shabbos, "authentic" Judaism, and other related issues, with the utmost priority being the yeshivas and the avreichim. Anything else is in addition to all that and with no commitment to a specific policy.

This is despite the fact that it is well known, and polls over the years have confirmed, that the average supporter of UTJ, the average Haredi voter, is relatively on the right-wing side of the political map. Usually there is little conflict, but when the issues collide, the yeshivas will win out over the "settlements", over many Land of Israel issues, etc.

So people should not be surprised when MK Gafni (UTJ) reaffirms that fact by saying "We are not a right-wing party. We are not the Likud" to justify his partnering with Meretz to achieve certain goals to benefit the yeshivas (by reducing budget cuts supported by both parties even for different purposes). UTJ will partner with anybody, and they always have, they feel can help them achieve their goals. That is the way it has always been and nobody should be surprised or upset about it.

And if somebody does not like it, if somebody feels the Land of Israel issues should have higher priority than the yeshivas when the two are in conflict, they can choose to not vote UTJ, knowing that UTJ prioritizes differently. If you do not like it, there is nothing to be upset about, just don't vote for them. They tell everyone in advance what their priorities are. If that matches yours, support them. If not, don't.

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  1. And if you want a party to stand up for the Land of Israel, Likud isn't looking to strong on that one either....

  2. very true. voters have to take that into account and keep it on thei rlist of priorities in comparison to other things the Likud does do

  3. The Land of Israel is a mitzvah, so is learning Torah. Which is more important? Well, last week, a certain Haredi politician said that if push comes to show, Yeshivat Hebron is more important than Hebron.
    FWIW, the list of why the Land of Israel is more 'important' than studying is quite long.

  4. בושה וחרפה


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