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Aug 20, 2013

Micha Gamerman: Solachti (video)

(supposedly this clip cost $70,000 to produce)

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  1. Certainly this raises the bar. I guess I was not surprised to see Micha pictured with Lipa on Micha's facebook page.

    In Hebrew - the expression is - aliah v'kotz bah. By raising the bar with costly professional videos, the expense needs to ultimately be paid by the consumers and fans. Are we Haredi and Dati-Leumi sectors able and willing to pay more for CDs and concerts/ events/ hiring the performers for weddings?

    Then it comes down to what comes first, the chicken or the egg. We do enjoy better quality music. The new Jewish culture scene has come along way, but do we really want to keep pace with the goyish pop culture that is constantly advancing? Personally, I've seen religious people mob Jewish performers, ask for autographs, and other worship. I'm worried that this will be more pervasive in our communities if we nurture 'stars' and celebrities.

  2. Great music; very moving. But what's with his forgiving the car thief, without even a hint of charatah?


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