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Aug 19, 2013

beis din decides MK Gafni can be sued for role in Disengagement, but only in Bnei Braq

MK Moshe Gafni (UTJ) was sued last year in the beis din of Rav Levin, in Mea Shearim, for his involvement in the Disengagement. Gafni refused to appear before the beis din, and was even quoted as having said that the only reason he is being sued and not Litzman is because people are afraid of Gerrer Hassidim because they get violent, well, you should know, Gafni said, we can hit better than the Gerrers.

More recently a claim was filed against Gafni in the beis din of Rav Nissim Karelitz. This was after he repeatedly refused to appear before Rav Levin's beis din, and claimed that as the defendant he has the right to choose the beis din. Gafni chose Rav Karelitz's beis din in his home town of Bnei Braq.

Gafni claims that Rav Levin has a personal vendetta against him and that is why he refuses to appear before his beis din, and he wanted Rav Karelitz's beis din to authorize his not appearing before Rav Levin. After submitting his reasons, the beis din decided that Gafni was in the right and there is not even a place for such a lawsuit as Gafni acted on behalf of the gedolei yisroel. The beis din ruled that Gafni has the right to choose the beis din in Bnei Braq for the case and all the discussions and arguments should be held in Bnei Braq as per Gafni's demands.

You can see the letters from Gafni and from the beis din on the matter on Kikar Shabbos.

I still think the beis din should have thrown the case out completely, not just given Gafni the right to choose where ti will be heard.

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