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Aug 21, 2013

Teddy Park: free water fun in Jerusalem!

Recommendation: If you are looking for something to do,  especially with kids, for free, in Jerusalem, that can be a lot of easy fun, head on over to the new Teddy Park in Jerusalem. It is across from the Old City, adjacent to Ir Dovid neighborhood, behind the King David area, next to Chutzot HaYotzer and pretty close to the Old Train Station.

I decided to take my daughters there this morning, being that they start school next week. We had a great time, though we parked a bit too far away and had a bit of a walk. I just did not know what parking would be available closer - there will be plenty of parking as there are lots all around it.

The park is a beautiful piece of landscaping. You walk down into it and there is a pond, with water flowing on a path down towards the main area of the park.

Walking down, you walk through an area with different parts of Teddy Kollek's life described - the park is named for him. Then there is a cool sun-dial.

When you get to the bottom, surrounded by a grassy area is a square with geysers spouting water in all sorts of speeds, heights and patterns. I am told that at night it is also lit up and often there is music.

The geysers spray, I think, every hour on the hour, for half an hour. After we got there, they next started spraying at 10 AM, and continued until 10:30. Then they were on a break until 11. When the fountains are off, you can either relax on the grass,  make a picnic, or a lot of kids go up to the pond above and splash around in that.

It was really nice, free, and a lot of fun.. you can do Teddy Park on its own, or you can combine it with Chutzot HaYotzer, the Old City, Gan HaPaamon, etc.. We definitely need one of these in Bet Shemesh!

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  1. Bet Shemesh pashkevillin make their way to the USA in Monsey and Brooklyn, NY.


  2. Looks like fun and a good reason to buy those new tsniyusdik bathingsuits. We still have a few on sale, 2nd for a shekel.
    Yesterday I was with the grandkids at the Israel Museum, about to blog it.

  3. WOW!! Very amazing Teddy Park indeed!! I truly like the water pressure process from underneath ground. It's awesome man. Thanks.
    aquatica vs wet n wild


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