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Aug 28, 2013

Shlomei Emunim has a winner, and it is Degel HaTorah

The Shlomei Emunim primary to select a new representative for its slot in the UTJ party list has concluded and a winner has been announced.

The winner is Shimon Goldberg of the Lelov hassidic group who trounced his opponents with 165 votes. Avraham Nachman Frankel of Breslav came in second with 10 votes. 

The real winner, though, is more likely to be Shmuel Greenberg. Greenberg will probably now have an easier time getting his demands met to be appointed Deputy Mayor with salary and to have Moshe Montag reappointed as head of the Department of Construction and Planning. After all, it is such an important position at this juncture that it would be irresponsible to give it to an inexperienced newcomer..

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