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Aug 20, 2013

The Rabbanut mashgiach that did his job perfectly

A story that was big news in the religious media yesterday was that of a restaurant named 'Vista' in Ashqelon, under the kashrut supervision of the Rabbanut, in which the owner was caught, by the mashgiach kashrut, trying to sell non-kosher meat as kosher. When the mashgiach caught him, he immediately revoked the kashrut certificate.

The restaurant owner tried to hide from the mashgiach the arrival of a batch of non-kosher meat, and he unpacked the meat while trying to pass of a certificate of kashrut to the mashgiach as if it was connected to that batch of meat. The Rabbanut received information about the situation, and the mashgiach confronted the owner caught in his lie, and the mashgiach took him immediately to a disciplinary hearing during which the kashrut certificate was revoked. The fraud division of the Rabbanut is also starting legal action against the restaurant owner.

The restaurant still advertises itself, both on its website and in its print advertising, as being kosher. The Rabbanut wants to warn the public that this restaurant is not kosher.

Why do I care? I probably don't have too many readers out in Ashqelon...

Here's the point I want to make. I do not consider this a story. The guy was caught before he sold any non-kosher meat. The mashgiach did his job just fine. No scandal. Commentators taking the opportunity to bash the Rabbanut about this incident were out of place, as the Rabbanut did a perfectly fine job. Even if they use lenient standards and one does not want to rely on their kashrut, this icident is not one that can be used to show the Rabbanut as a failure, as one whose kashrut supervisors cannot be relied upon. The mashgiach here did a perfectly fine job.

To me, this story is really just a PSA to not eat at that restaurant. A kashrut scandal is when a kosher establishment is only caught after 5 years (or however long) of selling non-kosher meat, not when the establishment is caught in real-time when just getting started in the attempted scam. That is exactly why we have kashrut supervision and supervisors - because we do not completely trust proprietors of businesses trying to make profit off the business of kosher food.

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  1. How do you know that this was a first-time event?

  2. it could be, but as we dont know otherwise, it is fair to assume it was the first time.
    the situation uncovered was not one that showed the meat has been treif for years or months and only now revealed. they caught a situation as it was happening. it could have been happening for a long time, but we dont know that it did. unlike other cases where the situation is caught and they realize its been going on for x amount of time..

  3. I am so glad to hear that there are legal proceedings - because it is the rabbanut. if it was a mehadrin hechsher what would the consequences be??

  4. This happens all the time, don't you read the Rabbanut kashrut notices of restaurants losing their certificates? I had friends who worked as mashgichim, and crap happens all the time, mostly from honest mistakes, sometimes in people trying to cut corners, and in rarer cases, criminal issues like above.

    The thing is that in the past, we would not really know why and still do not in most cases, there does not seem to be any one source of information on all these cases.

    I remember growing up, the local paper would have a regular section reporting on restaurant health violations.

    Hopefully, Rav Lau will be revamping the kashrut and raising the bar. The recent kashrut certificates on QR is a nice gimmick, but i think if the public was more real information, than we will demand better kashrut quality.

  5. I have been working as mashguiach for many years under the supervision of RABBANUT, many times I saw Traif meat packing and seal rabbanut, where the head on shechita pretends not to see the truth, the rabbanut also all are corrupt. I stopped Being Religious by seeing so many corruptions of this bunch of liars and False Religious. That dress up in costumes and with its stateliness this is a great truth that everyone should know.
    The truth is that money talks

    1. thats interesting, but is only really a point in time. If you knew about it as a mashgiach, I must ask - did you speak up about it? Did you inform the people higher up in the rabbanut about what you witnessed? Perhaps since then many of these issues have been improved and fixed?
      you stopped being religious but continued dressing religious and acting as a mashgiach? pardon me for mentioning it but it seems you were doing exactly what you accuse them of - dressing up and being fake just for the job. Please correct me if I am wrong, and feel free to explain your point of view more.

    2. yes I communicated to rabanut and complained that this rosh tsevet was doing something very wrong. Since then the brothers this rosh tsevet who also work with chiefs began to chase me.
      Referring to what you said, I stopped being religious and not use more as clothes Orthodox.
        to my happiness as I do not work for money mashguiach nor would I go back to work with these false and misleading

    3. in my opinion for you, if you and your family really want to eat kosher meat, then make your own shechita in your house. So you guys will be safe even if the Avera is who gave the stamp the kosher meat that you guys buy in supermarkets ok.

  6. I'll tell you a fact that occurred to your best idea of how the thing works and shechita are handled by the rabanut . I worked with a rosh tsevet he thinks the most important of all . Well , where I worked at the slaughterhouse , we we slaughtered 430 cattle per day , with a group of 12 people , among all the staff . Well for 5 days work week.de Let the account . 4 weeks 430 cattle per day , 8,600 are slaughtered during this period , we will now take a nivelah discount of 10 % = 7740 Front oxen supposedly good , but it turns out came a rosh tsevet to oversee the work of this group and found that all knives during this period were treif because they were defective in the blade and cuts , so consequently all flesh then was treif , but as the financial loss to the importer would be huge and had followed several containers to Israel , which rabanut did , everything was left as normal and only changed the rosh tsevet group that was responsible for this occasion and transferred him to another slaughterhouse in Argentina .

    PS : this importer has 4 slaughterhouses working for him in Brazil plus Uruguay also, per season in the last 20 years. You know what I meant, MONEY TALKS. Many people must thing what I am doing its לשון הרע, But what I wrote in your blog . Just the true believed or not. and if someone's rabanut want to know who I am, just show up and challenge me I will bring the evidence.

    1. did you only see these things at Rabbanut? were other hechshers better or the same?

  7. The only people I trust is of the Satmar shechita, this people really take care about his shechita and halacha. I worked in Brazil, Uruguay and several slaughterhouses. I got tired of fighting over something that is extremely important to me, which is the fear of Shamain. I'll tell you I was born and raised in a family that we are all farmers and cattle ranchers, deeply know the laws of shechita because whenever I had the pleasure of studying halacha and do my honest work. I'll quote a typical example happens that the rabbis do not care about the consequences. In Brazil and all must country in south america there is a vaccine that is applied to the neck of the animal against fever aphthosis, once this vaccine was prepared using a water-based, and does not cause infection at the site of the vaccine, but now the vaccine is prepared with base oil and this causes an infection that turns into a tumor in the area of ​​application that is generalized in various muscles of the neck, and for those who do not know the effects of this vaccine and the meat does not know to differentiate the affected meat with a fat, for I knew by experience have see afar this flesh and condemned immediately affected, even though the Halacha does not talk about it, but let's see this meat goes to Israel, a housewife without knowledge about it will find that this yellow flesh is fat and will cook and everyone will eat. Now let's see if a pregnant woman eats this meat with vaccine, you have no idea what this will do harm to your baby. Nowadays many diseases arise because of contamination of food and chemical used in 99% of the food. For that you have greater tranquility, take a course of shochet and buy live chickens and do your shechita for you and your family, and eat more fish, because Israel has in abundance.


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