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Aug 19, 2013

Policemen shocked Boaz Albert In front of his children again and again (video)

this is the video of the police (Yasam) coming to arrest Boaz Albert from his home in Yitzhar and using unreasonable violence in the process, despite his not resisting arrest. He was tasered repeatedly.

A complaint was filed against the police. Of course, instead of dealign with the issue of police violence, the police are dealign with the taser gun as if it was faulty or acted on its own. The chief of police, Yochanan Danino has ordered the taser to be temporarily put out of use by the police, until the issue is thoroughly investigated. As well, there will be a speciall KNesset committee session to deal with the use of the taser.

Instead of dealing with the issue of the police using unreasonable force, they are dealing as if the taser gun was guilty of violence. If you take the taser gun out of the hands of violent policemen, the policemen remain violent and will find other tools to sue instead of the taser. The issue of police violence and brutality must be dealt with at the level of the police, not at the level fo the specific tool they used in any given incident..

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