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Aug 28, 2013

PSA: How You Can Make This A Safe New Year

In studies, only one in ten cases of child abuse are ever reported. 

Reporting of child abuse in Beit Shemesh is just half the national average. In other words, for every case which is reported, a further 19 remain hidden.

The victims remain at risk, unprotected and untreated, and the perpetrators continue to operate without consequence..

The problem of child abuse in our community is now being effectively & responsibly addressed by "Magen", the Beit Shemesh Child Protection Organization.

In this past year, calls for help to Magen have DOUBLED.

Over 70% of these calls are from Anglos - from every sector of the community. Hareidi, Dati-Leumi and Secular.

Magen's free services have had a remarkable impact on the awareness of child abuse/protection in our community,and the ability for those effected to step forward discretely, and for victims/survivors to receive the help they need.

Many child abuse perpetrators can no longer operate without consequence; today they face better protected children, and arrest & justice for their actions. 

B"H, our community is safer for our children this Rosh Hashana, than it was last Rosh Hashana. 

Magen is a non-profit organization, which relies 100% on private donors to operate our programs;
Magen can only continue its work, and keep up with the increasing demand, with your financial support.

Therefore, along with other worthy local charities you generously donate to at this time of year, this year, please also make out a check to "Magen".

Our address: "Magen" Child Protection Center, 50B Rehov HaRakefet, Beit Shemesh, 99504.

Please feel free to call us with any questions: 02-9999.678.

Magen wishes our whole community ketiva vechatima tova  - and for all our children, a safe new year. 

Shanah Tovah

David Morris
CEO, Magen

P.S. You are welcome to send this post on to your friends or family who may have an interest in child protection.

"Magen" - Creating a Safer Community for Kids


Tel:    02-9999.678
After Hours: 050-8489001

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