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Aug 19, 2013

Interesting Posts #509

1. showering on the upcoming 3-day yomtov

2. blurred lines: private things in public places

3. can I just get a regular ol' Triscuit?

4. Jerusalem's new water park

5. the Bet Shemesh primaries experiment

6. corn on the cob insect-free - I like how the author questions the validity of the announcement of a new brand of corn on the cob (which is being sold at ridiculously high prices, by the way) which is certified to be insect-free by simply add some question marks at the end of the title. As if that is enough and there is no need to present facts to show they are not insect-free. Just add the question marks and then everybody will doubt whether it is really true or not

7.  the name of Moshiach

8. what fashion taught me about Judaism

9. look what they are sending home from camp!

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  1. New take on the cause of shidduch crisis



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