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Aug 18, 2013

Yoelish Krausz of the Eidah on the Goloventzitz violent protests..

Galei Yisrael radio interviewed Yoelish Krausz, "Kambatz" of the Eidah, about the violent protests in Bet Shemesh at the Goloventzitz construction site.

The interview itself is overall interesting. When asked why they are protesting violently and not trying to work things out peacefully, Krausz says that they have been trying to do things quietly and peacefully for 2.5 years already but the kablan refuses to implement their solutions.

A bit of a conundrum when he claims the Antiquities Authority hates haredim and that is why they are allowing work to begin on the site despite what Krausz calls "amazing archaeological findings" on the site. They hate haredim, so they are letting them start construction on a project of 1500 homes for haredim?

The best part of the interview is at the end when the questioner asks Krausz that we see from the protests the haredim can leave the yeshiva and go out to fight just fine... Krausz answers that they do not need to leave yeshiva to fight in the army because there are suckers who do that already.

Listen to the interview

Of course it should be added that not every idiot with an opinion and a big mouth speaks for the entire haredi community. Maybe Krausz speaks for the Eidah people, and maybe not even for them... but it is still an interesting interview...

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  1. Friers, Raphi, are chilonim.
    Think yiddish, not Ivrit.

  2. פראייר, in Israel now, and no doubt in Yoelish's lexicon, means suckers. He didn't say Shkatzim. See the interesting etymology here:

  3. Shkatzim is used to be derogatory. Freier simply means chofshi, or chiloni.

  4. זאת טריפה וזאת נבלה.


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