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Aug 25, 2013

Interesting Posts #510

1. Angels at the Hollywood Bowl

2. from the Ministry of Poor Translations

3. Haveil Havalim

4. sensible suggestions for High Holy Day preparations

5. Dov Bear revises his thinking

6. landed..

7. the new Moshava park in Zichron.. there is more than just Teddy in jerusalem..

8. is your tuition going down?

9. guide to the polio vaccine campaign

10. Israeli politician stirs up the religious secular debate

11. is he a wife-beater or a tzaddik?

12. Bike4Chai builds better body

13. growth-oriented shuls

14. Anne Samson, BDE

15. shared roles

16. what's wrong with the Star-K kosher phone?

17. new Israeli tendon helps athletes spring back into action - I wonder if the BDS people will campaign to keep people limping and in pain rather than get the Israeli tendon...

18. Bye Bye 5773

19. you too can be a whistle-blower

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  1. Is there a aveirah to post negative posts or comments anonymously?



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