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Aug 13, 2013

Interesting Posts #508

1. Eli Cohen live (sort of), Bet Shemesh mayor update

2. what unqualifies a Chief Rabbi?

3. 10 new rules for the house of Israel

4. Elul during summer vacation

5. hasbarah musings, revisited

6. congratulations, Gaza

7. reading the mind of God

8. who needs Arab nationalists

9. shalom bayit

10. Jews in Harlem

11. the call of the shofar

12 . I wanted to boycott something Palestinians..

13. stupid zealotry

14. old loyalties die hard

15. an inspirational slogan?

16. remembering Amalek

17. Rav Motti Elon: not too big to fail

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  1. Hey! I made the cut!

    One of the birthday presents ever! (8 Ellul)


    1. sorry, but that is pathetic.. :-)

      happy birthday

  2. Sorry, but I left my gross materialism behind in galuth. ;-)

    But, thanks for the sentiment, anyway. :-)


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