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Aug 29, 2013

The secret recipe for peace

Some IDF soldiers in Chevron have discovered the secret to peace in the Middle East. And it is Gangnam Style.

Sounds so 2012, doesn't it?

Some soldiers were on patrol and heard music coming out of a night club. They went in to check out the situation, obviously in full uniform and gear, and decided to stay for the party. They danced like nobody was watching. Young Palestinians were even hoisting fully-armed soldiers on top of their shoulders.

But someone was watching. The video cameras. As we say in Pirkei Avot - דע מה למעלה ממך , עין רואה ואוזן שומעת וכל מעשיך בספר נכתבים - know what is above you, a seeing eye, a listening ear and all your deeds are being written in the book. Someone is always watching. Before Rosh Hashana it would be good to take the lesson and remember God is always watching our actions, but nowadays with every simple cellphone bearing a powerful camera, there is always a human being watching and recording as well.

The biggest surprise - I had no idea there were nightclubs in Hebron!

They are being criticized for being reckless - they could have been abducted, shot, stoned, or other, and will surely be punished by the IDF for not doing their tasks and following orders, but perhaps they really found the secret to peace in the Middle East..

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1 comment:

  1. men-only nightclub Rafi. not the same as Tel Aviv


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