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Aug 19, 2013

PSA: public beseeched to vaccinate kids against polio

The head of the municipal health department, Reuven Cohen, has put out an important call to the public, in light of the campaign by the Health Ministry to get the public inoculated against polio after strains have been discovered in southern Israel.

The announcement reads:
All children born after January 1, 2004 need to get the live-virus weakened vaccination against Polio. 

The goal: to stop the spreading of the dangerous polio virus.
The danger: illness, paralysis, and in some cases death.

Tipat Chalav (child well-centers) is open to the wider public every day between 8:00 and 16:00, and on Friday between 8:00 and 12:00. The public should come with their kids and their vaccination booklets, no appointment necessary.

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  1. The head of Maayanei Yeshua Hospital was interviewed this morning on Kalman Libeskind's Galei Yisrael program and he said that all children have received a polio shot already but this shot is merely to prevent them from being carriers.
    The polio was actually found in the sewer in February. Kids getting the shot now will actually (through going to relieve themselves) be putting the new 'good' virus into the sewer therefore overpowering the bad strain.
    His main point was that we live in a global environment and Israel shouldn't be known as being the originator of reintroducing a polio outbreak. Even though we are already protected, we need to prevent ourselves from becoming carriers for those who are not protected.

  2. just for clarification purposes - this is not a shot, but two drops of liquid placed on the childs tongue


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