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Aug 25, 2013

You heard it here first...

In a rare moment of patting myself on the back and plugging my site, I can say that over 2.5 months ago I pointed out a trend of religious women, associated with the Haredi community, running for elections in city councils across the country.

I first pointed to Ruth Kolian of Petach Tikva and later to Shira Georgi of Tzfat when I called it a trend. Later Esther Vahav joined the race in Tiberias, but by then there was no need to mention it, as the trend had already been out in the open.

It seems the Haredi media is much slower on picking up these trends. It only caught on to it just now...

You get your commentary and news on Jewish and Israeli life here on Life in Israel well before you get it elsewhere.. (it happens to be true of many of the long-time bloggers)

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