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Aug 25, 2013

Haredi woman Ibenboim talks about withdrawing from politics (video)

(this was really posted on September 9, 2013 - the date got messed up for strange reasons)

Channel 2's morning show brought in Racheli Ibenboim to talk about how she tried to enter politics and was forced to step away.. very interesting how she describes what happens and how she blames the askanim to the point that the rabbonim are afraid to stand behind their own decisions because of the askanim.. she also says she was trying to change Haredi society a little bit..
Another point that comes out of the interview is that when they say "the women want", it is not really the women want, but they say they want because otherwise they will be attacked.. such as when they say the women really want to sit int he back of the bus, or women dont want to be in politics..

I am surprised they brought out MK Ayelet Shaked to basically just sit there and hardly ask her anything..

and I think it is pretty sexist of them to bring Ibenboim out to talk politics and about cooking for Rosh Hashana Would they bring out a male politician to talk politics and cooking? They should have had her on two separate shows - one to talk politics and one to talk cooking.

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  1. Shalom.
    Any idea why this video clip starts playing every time I go onto main page of lifeinisrael?
    Thanks in Advance!


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