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Aug 21, 2013

Rabbi Lau pays midnight visit to shuk in Tzrifin

Chief Rabbi Dovid Lau went last night after midnight to the market in Tzrifin, where the wholesale market of the fruits and vegetables is. That is a major spot for the separating of Truma and Maaser, before the merchandise then gets transferred to other parts of the country for sale.

Rav Lau went to go see how the issues of Truma and Maaser are handled, as well as speaking to the mashgichim and the merchants to hear from them about any problems they have that need to be resolved.

When Rav Lau arrived with his entourage, the manager of operations of the market told him that the entire shuk is under the authority of the Chief Rabbi, he is welcome to inspect any and every aspect of it,  and whatever he says, any problems that need to be fixed , will be dealt with.

Rav Lau was there until after 2 AM, and when ready to leave, the merchants lined up to get blessings from the Rav.

Good job, Rabbi Lau. You don't need my blessings, but good job.

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  1. Well, he certainly knows the importance of visibility.

    P. S. I finally found your "subscribe" button.

    I can be such an airhead sometimes. :-/

    1. lol..

      there is a difference between visibility at 1 PM, and between visibility at 1 AM..

  2. Yes,... But, this is Israel, when 1 AM isn't THAT late, and visibility is when ever cameras are around to record.

    "Wow! The Chief Rabbi stays up that late for the sake of misswoth?!"

    I have no doubt that's what he was doing. Nevertheless, "someone" was there (at 1 AM) to report on this.


  3. Baruch Hashem,
    Leitzman made many surprise midnight visits to hospitals to check out issues. Be'ezrat Hashem, he will continue to shake things up in the Kashrut division and get a real budget to start making improvements as opposed to the Bayit HaYehudi that seems to be sucking on its wounds and working against the rabanut with the tattletale hotline.


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