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Aug 21, 2013

Minister of Ed Shai Piron considering canceling the Bagrut exams

Last year then-Minister-of-Education Gideon Saar announced that he was looking into the possibility of considering parts of the Szold exams, taken in Haredi seminaries, to be equivalent to Bagrut exams. There was opposition to the plan, but Saar himself was in favor of it.

It turns out that the new Minister of Education, Shai Piron, might even go a step, or five, further. Piron is looking into an idea of completely doing away with the Bagrut examinations.

Piron is of the opinion that the Bagrut exams do not encourage learning. He said that everyone knows students buy prep papers right before the exams, and they do not really learn in preparation. Piron also believes that even without the bagruyot exams students will continue to learn - they are not learning because of the exams..
(source: Israel Hayom)

no bagruyot? they will have solved, in one swoop, a large part of the problem holding back haredim from higher education and from many jobs and other opportunities. Getting rid of the bagruyot might not help many haredim, as they are still lacking the education and would need to fill those educational gaps, or some of them at least, to get those opportunities, but some are smart, talented and some do get various levels of education and are only lacking the exams... without requiring the exams, these people would have an easier time integrating into the system..

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  1. There are advantages and disadvantages of standardized exams and I would assume that they put everyone on the same objective playing field whether your name is Pollack or Azulay.

    Don't universities and colleges need them (and the SAT / psychometry) so they have at least some objective tools to compare candidates?

    If there will be no bagruts, then the psychometry will they have a lot more weight. Is that good for Israel?

  2. Do these exams actually correlate with later achievement in one's field?

  3. not really. do any school exams or matriculation correlate like that? they test education


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