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Aug 19, 2013

Eidah rabbi threatens to dock pay of protesting avreichim

I never heard of this Rav Hanun person in Bet Shemesh (RBS B, I presume) - there is no listing for him in the local directory, though maybe he only had a beis medrash here and does not live here - but I like his approach.

Rav Avraham Simcha Hanun announced in his beis medrash that anybody missing from the beis medrash due to protesting at the Goloventzitz construction site will have his pay docked.

From Israel National News:
Rabbis from the Eida Hareidit stream have come out strongly against the violent demonstrations at the Golobentzich construction site in Ramat Beit Shemesh, and one of them has announced that the monthly stipend of “kollel” students who leave their studies in order to demonstrate in Ramat Beit Shemesh will be cut.
 The demonstrators contend that there are ancient graves at the site, and that the construction work is disturbing these graves.
 The announcement was made after extremists harassed Rabbi Sternbuch, Head of the Beit Din of the Eida Hareidit, and following a sharply worded letter issued by Rabbi Amram Ofman following this harassment. Rabbi Ofman and other rabbis within the Eida came out strongly against the rioting after Rabbi Sternbuch came under attack over his opinion that construction at the site could continue unimpeded.
A leader of the Eida Hareidit, Rabbi Avraham Simha Hanun, told students at his Beit Midrash in Beit Shemesh that whoever absents himself from studies in order to demonstrate at the Golobentzich site will pay for it from his stipend.
Rabbi Ofman wrote a special letter of protest in which he accused the extremists of “taking the law into their hands and making a mockery of the Torah.” "There is a disagreement between the wise men of the generation, and kings are holding discussions with each other,” he wrote. “What do we care? This matter is up for them, and only them, to decide. It is, therefore, my duty to write a protest over the fact that our rabbi, the Minister of Torah, the Head of the Bit Din shlita is being defamed. This is an unforgivable crime, and he who defames a great scholar will rot in hell.”
I like his approach..

It is also interesting to see the level of the divide in the Eidah. I am not expert on the intricacies of the Eidah, but I don't remember there being such a large chasm between different elements, with such loud and public dissension form the Gaavad. I wonder where ti is going to lead to... or if the next issue to arise will just cause this one to be forgotten..

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  1. In contrast, on the Haredi last week, it was typical to hear those interviewed always bring up the issue that the fanatics might not be even Haredi, as if they could merely distance themselves from the fanatics by claiming that what looks Haredi, sounds Haredi, and yells Haredi is not Haredi.

    Hopefully, the community is beginning to wake up to take back control from the anarchists. In Judaism, we encourage fanatics, but definitely not anarchists like this group that has shown it is willing to 'burn down the clubhouse'.

  2. so the next time that you hear a chareidi talking head saying "the state has no right to withdraw funds from people/institutions who are simply doing what they believe to be right", think of this guy.


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