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Aug 26, 2013

PSA: Check your status for voting in Israeli municipal elections

Elections are coming up in many cities around Israel.. The date for the elections is October 22, 2013.

In order to be able to vote in the city in which you live, you have to be registered as living in that city by no later than September 12, 2013, 40 days prior to the elections. On that date the voter rolls will be closed by the Ministry of the Interior.

Sometimes people move houses, from one city to another, and do not update the Misrad Hapnim with their new address, and get a new teudat zehut, so quickly. If this applies to you and you want to vote in your city of residence, make sure to go to the Misrad Hapnim and register your proper address. You can also download the forms from the Misrad Hapnim website and mail them in.

If you are unsure of your status, you can send a text message with the body of the message containing your teudat zehut number to 052-999-1919. You will get a message in return, almost immediately, letting you know where you are registered to vote. I tested it and it works (yes, I am registered to vote in Bet Shemesh).. (thank you to TOV for directing me to this service)

Get this taken care of now, wherever you live. don't wait until the last moment... if you want to vote..

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