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Aug 15, 2013

Secret Jewish Agency operation brings 17 more Yemenite Jews to Israel

The Jewish Agency just conducted a secret operation to bring 17 more Yemenite Jews to Israel. I heard on the radio last night that after this mission, only 90 Jews remain living in Yemen, specifically in the city of Saa'na.

Kibbutz Gakuyot and being a haven for Jews, and being a home for Jews, is a major part of what Israel is all about. And despite the plenty of things there are to be upset about with this or that government, at the end of the day Israel is here to do things like this, and even when they aren't doing other things to the best of our liking, they still get some things right...

To quote the Jewish Agency's press release:
The group included two set of parents, who were brought directly to Israel from Yemen, and ten of their children, who were brought to Argentina two years ago. The new immigrants landed at Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv on Wednesday night and were brought to their new homes at a Jewish Agency absorption center in the South, where they will begin the next chapter of their lives as free and protected Jews living in the State of Israel. 

 "Tonight we are privileged to engage in a mission that combined the saving of lives, the reunification of a family, and Aliyah [immigration] to Israel," said Chairman Natan Sharansky. 

"Behind the scenes of this operation lie the dedication and expertise of The Jewish Agency and other bodies who all contributed to the mission's success. The Jewish Agency stands at the ready to bring any Yemeni Jew who expresses interest in making Aliyah to Israel, and to help the local community in any way possible," said Chairman Sharansky.

Here is some video of them in the airport - it starts off slow but gets emotional quickly when they are reunited with their kids.

Another point - next time you see a Burqa Lady walking down the street, don't heap scorn on her - maybe she isn't one of the crazy women, but maybe she just got off the plane from Yemen.

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