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Aug 15, 2013

Police too get violent at Goloventzitz site protests (video)

video from a news clip about the protests in Bet Shemesh.. along with some election material..

I must say, that cop at the beginning of the video makes a nice tackle, but I hope he gets reprimanded/fired/punished, and even sued, for the way he was pounding on the guy he had already subdued.. Such police violence is not acceptable. The guy was already down and subdued. In no way are those punches justified.

I should note, as has been pointed out to me, while the policeman (Magavnik) is shown with a violent action, it is really out of context. We do not know what the protester did to enrage the policeman - that part is not shown. Not much can justify such a beating after the person has been subdued, but we should still take into account that the protester also did something wrong.

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  1. he was down but he wasn't subdued. the cop should have cuffed him instead of pounding him, but this isn't a great example of police brutality.

  2. But in the next segment, as the protester is being loaded into a van the same officer runs up and punches him again in the face and the officer is again restrained by the other officers.
    There should be an investigation against him for unnecessary violence.

  3. But there probably won't be. I don't think the routine violence of the police force here against demonstrators--any demonstrators--is big news to people. It would take a major change in the consensus for people to even notice it.

  4. I don't understand why the police claim they can't arrest people for starting fires. The principal of that cheder saw them light the fires on the first day and called the police - and they said they aren't coming because they can't control them!


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