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Aug 27, 2013

Minister Bennet gives tour of Ezrat Yisrael platform (video)

Curious to understand what Minister Bennet's solution was for Women of the Wall, with a platform called Ezrat Yisrael? Bennet will give you a tour! and as an added benefit, they even get duty free!

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  1. He seems to be a good tour guide. He should quit his day job.

    1. YES!
      The concept of good general in the army makes good political leader has long ago been debunked. The next paradigm to be smashed is that a good hasbara speaker will be a good representative in the Knesset. Oh wait, that one also has been debunked.

  2. Bennett declares: "I don't care if you're Orthodox, Reform, Conservative, be it what you may, come with your families and pray here..."

    So is Bennett inviting Orthodox families to pray on the same platform as non-Orthodox mixed-gender prayer?

    Is Bennett pronouncing 'Ezrat Yisrael' as "Azarat Yisrael"?

  3. if orthodox families want to pray there, why not? as long as they dont then tell the mixed-gender groups to stop.. :-)

  4. This is quite debasing to the WOW. Why wasn't the platform built close to the wall?
    In any case, the WOW have already stating their objective which is to remove the gender separation at the Western Wall and not just come to daven with tallis and tefillin so they will object to this platform that any normal person would be afraid to get on.

  5. First,before Bennet was a politician, he worked for Netanyahu- a master promoter...
    Second, I don't know if you noticed his hands but when he said "daven", he pointed to the kotel plaza and when he said "come" he pointed to the ezrat yisroel


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