Jan 7, 2010

Gilgul in Bnei Brak finds relief

Here's a story I couldn't pass up on...

A black dog settled down by the door to the home of the esteemed rosh yeshiva Rav Michel Yehuda Lefkowitz in Bnei Brak. People tried to get the dog to leave, to no avail. The dog stood there obstinately refusing to leave.

Eventually, Rav Lefkowitz left his house to go to shul. The dog stepped aside to let him pass, and then retook his position by the door. When he came home, again the dog allowed him to pass, and then retook his position by the door.

When Rav Lefkowitz left his later in the day to go to give his shiur in the yeshiva, he saw the dog was still standing there. He announced that it is the second day of Shovevim, and is a time for doing a tikkun and doing teshuva.

Rav Lefkowitz then stood near the dog saying various chapters of tehillim. After that, Rav Lefkowitz said some other prayers and whisperings very quietly. When he finished, the dog left.
(source: Kikar.net)

Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a video of this strange event. It seems that despite the dog being there the whole day practically, nobody took pictures or video. I guess everyone nearby must have only had kosher cellphones, and no phones with camera capabilities...


  1. After coming home from a long car trip once, a cat decided to make its home on our porch, and would stay in close proximity to our front door. It was not scared of us at all. It basically terrified our whole family. We thought it was a gilgul too. It finally left after a few days. Maybe I should have said Tehillim near it to make it leave faster.

  2. Something is doggone fishy hereJanuary 07, 2010 8:14 PM

    Remember the talking fish from new Square many years back?

    My rebbe then asked...why is it that when these miraculous things occur it is in a New square fish store and the fish talks to a spanish only speaking illegal immigrant? And "punkt"then noone has a camera, phone or video?

    He said that if HaShem wanted to teach us something with the fish it should have been in the Fulton fish market in front of 1,000 customers.

    Now that would be a miracle!

  3. I have it from a very good source that Rav Lefkowitz told the dog he would donate to Kupat Ha'ir on his behalf, and that was all he needed to hear.

  4. Doggone Fishy, Bill Cosby has a similar routine about UFO sightings. How come it always happens to some hick in the middle of his field with no one else around and not somewhere in NYC?

  5. wanna - Bnei Brak is not some hick in the middle of a field. it was a rosh yeshiva in Bnei brak with a nice crowd.
    Just unusual that there was no video or even stills.
    though a dog by a door is also not quite at the level of a UFO

  6. and this is how we glimpse into the lives of our gedolim via the charedi media?!


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