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Feb 18, 2010

Ahmadinejad becoming a Noahide

Are Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the Iranians interested in becoming Noahides?

Rav Yoel Schwartz, along with all the great work he does in various realms, is also seriously involved in the Noahide community.

Rav Schwartz was contacted via some Turks who were interested in the concept of the Noahide Laws. After he spoke with them, they got in touch with the Iranians and asked Rav Schwartz if he would meet and present these concepts to Ahamdinejad.

It seems that these Turks think that the reason Ahamdinejad is so vocal against Israel is because he sees Israel as the center of heresy against God in the world. Therefore it must be destroyed.

The Turks think that if Ahmadinejad would be made aware of the fact that most Israelis are traditional and keep the basics of the Torah, such as bris milah, along with the fact that there is an established beis din in Jerusalem that deals exclusively with the laws of bnei noah, he would lower his tone and not be so anti-Israel. (source: Kikar Shabbos)

Is Ahmadinejad planning on becoming a Noahide? Why else would knowledge of Israel's involvement with Noahides change his attitude?


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