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Feb 18, 2010

Humra: Eyebrow Shaping cannot be advertised in Modiin Ilit

The latest crazy chumroh, established in Modiin Ilit, is that women cannot advertise their cosmetician services.

It seems that seeing an ad for eyebrow shaping is a big turn on for some men and advertising such services is considered not tznua. (source: Kikar Shabbos)

How can women drum up business without being allowed to advertise? It is a shame because so many wives of avreichim, a very popular profession in Modiin Ilit, are cosmeticians, and this will be another blow to them, as tzniyus committees continue finding ways to limit the earning opportunities for women under the guise of tzniyus.

I also feel bad for the guy that can be turned on by something so innocuous as a text ad for "seedur gabot" (eyebrow shaping/arrangement). I just heard about a magazine that printed a picture of a sheitel head (those heads made out of foam) in a magazine. A woman called up to complain saying her husband can be turned on by a sheitel head. They agreed to not print images of sheitel heads again (to their credit they also told her that her husband should see a therapist). In essence they perpetuate the stupidity by acquiescing to such demands). They should have told her that he should not not be reading their magazine if that is the case.


  1. The charedi publications here are full of ads for beauticians. I don't know how they can all make a living.

  2. I love the part about telling her to get him to see a therapist. I believe the proper description for me is LOL!

  3. How ironic that Chareidim don't believe in evolution as they are evolving a new religion right before our eyes.

  4. Stop reading the bible!!! Re: Exodus 35:22 -

    Kumaz in Hebrew. According to some, the jeweled belt (Saadia; Peshitah). According to others, a gold genital shield for women (Shabbath 84a; Rashi), possibly a chastity belt (Rabbenu Ephraim; Maskil LeDavid; Maaseh Toviah, Gan Naul 3). Others say that it is a gold brassiere (Yerushalmi, Shabbath 6:4), an arm band (Chizzkuni), or a pornographic sculpture (Rabbi Aaron Alrabi, Kenzal).

  5. "A woman called up to complain saying her husband can be turned on by a sheitel head."

    That could be a discovery of hitherto unknown aphrodisiac, so don't laugh ;-)

  6. that what she said :)

  7. yes and the more we give into these people who have convinced the public (or askanim or whatever) that hirhurim about hirhurim cannot be prevented, the more peverse society actually becomes.

    funny - word verification here is undess.... maybe that should be prohibited? I can't even print what actually displayed for me last week....

  8. Sorry - don't believe it's true. Raffi - where did you get your info from? I live in Modiin Elite and there are many ads for cosmeticians - and remember - we let our women board the front door of the buses!!!

  9. Ok - I stand corrected - Woe to us that Modiin Elite has fallen to such depths of stupidity.

    I checked the story out - determined to discredit it, and discovered that all beauticians can still advertise, they can't mention anything to do with hair - any type of hair - ie. including eyebrows.

  10. Shalom - thanks for checking. The source, as I wrote in the post, was an article in Kikar.net

  11. So not surprising. However, I think the issue is being misinterpreted slightly. I doubt they think that anyone would be turned on by the words of the ad. I think it's more likely that the Modesty Squad thinks that the service itself is not appropriately tzanuah.


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