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Feb 9, 2010

iPod and iTunes - Fail

I don't use iPods and mp3 players much, and I am not too much into the gadget scene.

Ever since my son got an iPod for his bar mitzvah, it has really thrown me for a loop. I help him sync songs onto it.

I have one comment - for a company that is leading edge in making amazing products and software, they could have done a far better job with the itunes software. It is very confusing to figure out how to sync the songs and videos onto the iPod. I synced some video onto the iPod and now all the songs disappeared. It took me a dozen tries to figure out how to get a few video clips on the iPod.

I must say I have been very surprised and disappointed as to how confusing the iPod and iTunes system has been to figure out and use. Apple has always been so intuitive to use and this is so difficult.


  1. I was surprised that there are no clear 'for dummies' instructions for this. Nevertheless, I wouldn't do without my iPod. I can carry tens of shiurim and music with me in a tiny package, and listen while traveling or doing dishes. Maybe the best single item my wife ever bought for me (against my protests), given how many shiurim I've heard on it.

  2. I bought my first i pod this year, mainly to download shiurim on it, plus some music. Before I knew it, my wife wanted one,my kids wanted one, and of course, I bought the i phone.
    Finally, I went for the new mac, and believe me, there is no comparison to anything else.

  3. My wife loves hers.
    Funny, I found it pretty easy to sync.

    I think that if you're use to iTunes, then it's a bit easier.

  4. Manually sync the songs instead of having itunes do it automatically.

    If you sync automatically, if u have songs loaded from different sources, it will delete the ones from the other source.

  5. see, as I said - it is totally not intuitive... the ipod might be great, but they can improve the app controlling it


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