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Feb 10, 2010

Jabotinsky on Jordan (video)

Zev Jabotinsky, in 1934, talking about the East Bank of the Jordan River, aka Jordan


  1. Well, well: long live great-great Israel...

    Why did he not ask the UN back in 47 to give this land to the jews??

  2. I wish I understood Yiddish, and the Ivrit is too hard for me, but I believe that Hashem sent these Jews to save the Yidden in E Europe, but because they were not religious, the Rabbis ....

    However, if you are religious and (should) believe that EVERYTHING comes from Hashem, this would have been a giant siman. If only the Yidden had cellphones and internet!

    PS This is a fascinating video; who made it; what was done with it? Does anyone know?


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