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Feb 14, 2010


Nobody can speak out against me, because I did not advertise or promote [the concert] in the Haredi press. Those who fight against me and my music need to see psychologists.

--- Mordechai Ben David

regarding the continued fight against his concert, despite his having given in to demands to not advertise in the Haredi press, therefore rendering it not a haredi issue.

I say, if he gave in to their demands where he could and could not advertise, he himself has given them the power to continue to making all sorts of other demands. It is his fault. Had he told them where they could jump originally, as Shweckey did when they tried to pressure him, their issues would be completely ignored by everyone involved. Give them a finger and they will take the whole hand, give an inch and they'll take the whole mile.


  1. "Give them a finger "

    I thought you were going to advise him to "give them THE finger".

  2. Shaya, i think that would be most advisable in this case.

  3. MBD's is just too nice and sensitive of a guy - he didn't want to hurt anyone. His sensitivity overrode his radar for the fakers and manipulators out there.

    I wouldn't hold it against him. I am sure he has learned his lesson now.


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