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Feb 9, 2010

Investigative report into the dybbuk

There was an investigative report done on Channel 10 TV show "Shomer Masach" that aired last night.

The report was on the recent dybbuk case of the man from Brazil who was supposedly possessed and he came to Israel for an exorcism that turned out to be unsuccessful. The journalist investigated how these dybbuks and exorcisms worked, and general active mekubalim, speaking with the woman who had supposedly been possessed about 15 years ago and had the dybbuk exorcised by Rav Batzri.

You should watch the whole video..

They walk the viewer through the whole process, with images and clips frmo the recent exorcism attempt and give a lot of background. They also give images from Rav Batzri's previous exorcism. At about 19 minutes into the video they talk to the woman who had supposedly been possessed and had it exorcised. She claims that it is all a fraud and she took part in it. She is now upset at Rav Batzri claiming he never paid her what he promised, and never gave her the copies of the video. She also demonstrated to the journalist how she faked the voice of the dybbuk and played along.

The report continues with other mekubalim and how they snag the public. While they are generally not looking to deceive the public and steal their money, their processes are designed to get people to donate emotionally to their yeshivas and organizations. They spoke with the organizer for the events the mekubalim speak at. He said he represents 15 mekubalim (is he like a talent agent or something?) arranging their events. They don't really take in money at these events, but afterwords is the big take - the people come to the mekubalim and give them lots of money and support over time...

So is it a scam? They speak to 2 analysts - 1 says it is not an intentional scam. He says Rav Batzri probably is not scamming people, but really believes what he is doing is right and true. Why did he pay the woman to fake a dybbuk? He uses these videos to inspire people. Another analyst says it is all about the money and it is a big scam.

I don't know Rav Batzri's intentions, and am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt that he has no intention to scam people, but it is pretty clear the dybbuk isn't all it is made out to be.

תחקיר שומר מסך - אמנון לוי - פרשת הדיבוק from bhol on Vimeo.


  1. Can you say "psychologically unstable?"

    The "dybbuk" is as out of this worldly as Zombies are in haiti.

    I feel bad for the avreichim there who actually believe whats going on.

  2. . . . and I feel bad for anonymous. I watched the video all the way through, and it was obvious to me that the woman who faked the dybbuk is totally insane. I believe that there have been, and could be dybbuks.

    Major Rabbanim through the ages had knowledge of these things so why are we all now so clever that we are "above" the previous generations.

    I agree with the Maariv correspondent who claimed that HaRav Batzri is not a charletan; he believes in what he is doing, and come on, which one of us reaches even the ankles of the Rav shlit"a?

  3. is that abutbul sitting on the dais at the kennes near the end of the video? looks very much like a younger version of our current rha.

    Your astute friend

  4. Anonymous - you are missing the point here. There is much chillul H' out there, including bogus "kabbalists". That doesn't change the issue of dybbuks though

  5. "it was obvious to me that the woman who faked the dybbuk is totally insane."

    How do you see that?

    To me, she looked perfectly normal (except in the act she put on for the dibbuk ceremony).

    She than proved that she can imitade a male voice without moving her lips.

    Apart from this, we do not hear her speak?

    Why do you think she is insane?

    Because she wears a hat and hair cover? This is just the sefardi tradition....

  6. Part of הלכות עבודה זרה וחקות הגוים ברמב"ם פרק י"א הל' [כ] (טז) : ודברים אלו כולן דברי שקר וכזב הן, והן שהטעו בהן עובדי עבודה זרה הקדמונים לגויי הארצות כדי שינהו אחריהן. ואין ראוי לישראל שהם חכמים מחוכמים להמשך בהבלים האלו, ולא להעלות על הלב שיש בהן תעלה, שנאמר כי לא נחש ביעקב ולא קסם בישראל (במדבר כג כג). ונאמר כי הגוים האלה אשר אתה יורש אותם אל מעוננים ואל קוסמים ישמעו ואתה לא כן נתן לך ה' אלהיך (דברים יח יד


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