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Feb 10, 2010

Bechadrei returns fire

Finally Bechadrei starts to fight back and attack Yated in return.

Yated ran another scathing editorial against Shas' decision to join the World Zionist Organization. In it they talk about how the gedolim were always against it, how can an organization that calls itself Haredi cast aside Haredi beliefs and take on Zionist beliefs and sit with Reformists whose whole goal is to destroy Judaism.

The editorial then goes on to quote from the director of the Organization for Freedom of Religion and Equality, who is also a former director of Hillel, in an article he wrote about Shas' decision to join WZO. They bring quotes how absurd it is and how it is a basic contradiction for Shas to do this against their own values, and how if this will push Shas to change their ways and appearance than it is worth it and should be advanced with blessings...

They continue to quote form this guy as he attacks Likud for coming up with this merger with Shas to allow it to happen. And how Gafni was clearly right when he said they are more concerned with providing jobs for their people than keeping their ideals... blah blah blah.

So Bechadrei finally returns fire. In a scathing editorial piece on Bechadrei they criticize Yated for the long quotes from this director - someone who he himself has led the fight against the religious and Haredi an dhow dare Yated use him as an example, and how can Yated bring his voice into their pure paper and expose the pure children to his words, etc.

Along the way, the editorial puts down the Yated calling it a pashkevil, and scoffs at the terminology they use to describe the purity of the community while at the same time quoting from one of the most anti-religious people around just because he was attacking Shas.

The editorial does make a good point - all the news sources over the past week or so have reported that Degel and Shas are trying to calm down the fight and make a statement that will allow Gafni to back down and perhaps Shas will reconvene the Council of Sages to re-discuss the issue... and while everyone thought we are on the way to toning down the fight, along comes the Yated and fans the flames...

I guess today is "Bash Yated Day"...


  1. go Bechadrei. how can I subscribe? (will I get Yesh coupons?)

  2. . . . and of course Yated gave it op-ed space LOL


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