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Feb 23, 2010

Neturei Karta pashkevil about Nazi-themed Purim costumes

When I first heard that in Mea Shearim you could get a costume of a German SS soldier or of a Hitler Youth, I thought that was crazy, but ignored it. Then I received by email an official announcement by the Neturei Karta about the available costumes and why they are selling these.

Basically the idea is that if the Zionists hate talmidei chachomim so much, yet their figures are accepted to be brought into the community, via soldier and police costumes (among others), then for sure it should be ok to use Nazi images as costumes. The hatred of an am ha'aretz towards a talmid chochom is far greater than the hatred of Esav to Yaakov, so if Zionist images are ok, for sure Nazi images are ok.

Is there anything to say other than that these people are certifiably insane?


  1. I don't think you got it. They are simply trying to send a message.

  2. I wonder why (even) they include Zaka in their list of sonei chachamim. It's a haredi organization.

    Isn't it illegal to sell that sort of stuff? Maybe someone can call in the sonei chachamim police and have them fined and their merchandise confiscated.

  3. OK, we get the message. I say, send them an authentic skinhead. Theshebabniks can practice their "moves".

  4. this isn't purim shtick??

  5. Calling these creatures "insane" lessens their culpability. We can only pray that Hashem punishes them among the worst evil-doers of the world.

  6. according to ynet, there are no such costumes, but the pashkevil was suggesting they be imported. the suggestion was made to shake up the haredi community



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