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Feb 17, 2010


Knesset Makes 16 Minimum Age for Firearms

---- INN


  1. Oh Sheez, don't freaking publicize this! My teens will be seriously interested to find out. Just what I need, gun totin teens.

  2. Earn money from homeFebruary 17, 2010 10:11 AM

    Actually, this would not be a bad idea as people are more carefull with firearms than with "Pikot"--those small explosive caps. However, considering the violence in a regular Israeli school, maybe this is a really bad idea.

  3. Akiva- If you haven't yet taken your kids to the shooting Range and taught them the basics, Firearm Safety, Basic Shooting and Respect for the power of weapons, then you are doing them a great disservice. Not to mention putting them at risk.

    All teens should have practical knowledge of firearms so there are no excuses for stupid mistakes.


  4. As usual, some context would be helpful - what was the previous minimum age?

  5. according to the article there was no minimum age previously. making one is better, but the headline without the article seems silly that they made such a low age for a license.

  6. Chill everyone! It's the minimum age. That doesn't mean every 16 year old will get one. Aren't there other requirements in order to get a license, such as training? Whatever other requirements there are, there is now another one, that you have to be 16. If there wasn't one before, it meant a 12 years old could go through the training to get a license. So maybe raising it to 16 is an improvement.

  7. The Minimum age is now 16... to access and shoot at licensed Firearms Ranges in Israel.

    The minimum age for civilians to be issued permits to carry privately owned firearms is still 21.

    DoubleTapper, blogging on Guns Politics Defense from Israel


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