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Feb 25, 2010

Important questions for important rabbis

The news is just full of Purim quality information nowadays!

Somebody actually felt the need to waste Rav Elyashiv's time, if the article is to be believed, and ask if one is allowed to send a bottle of Coca Cola as part of one's mishloach manot!

And whaddayaknow, he answered yes! What a revolutionary psak!

It is so wonderful we have gedolim available to answer such questions, rather than just the lowly neighborhood or shul rabbis who are clearly not important enough to be asked such important questions. The trivial questions must be saved for them...


  1. Purim Torah is hitting the newspapers thick and fast this year.

  2. I think these are all jokes(seriously).

  3. Well, the newspaper seems pretty shocked that he said it's okay.

    We've been giving bottles of coke for years. I guess we didn't realize there was such a safek.

  4. Coca-Cola obviously paid for this article, on condition of including a picture! What great advertising! (I'm only half kidding)

  5. rav elyashiv is a modern day Hillel haZaken!


  6. It's a shame that after countless years in school and/or yeshiva, people STILL can't use their own brainpower to figure some things out.

  7. A better title for this post (and many others) would be "Important questions for impotent Rabbis".


  8. yeah it's got to be a joke. the problem is that some charedim have taken observance so outside of halacha that some of us would actually believe that they think that the "traditional" way to fulfill mishloach manos is by including a bottle of wine as opposed to the actual halacha - two foods of different minim (e.g. apple & orange - although most people incorrectly think they need 2 different brachos)

  9. It's Assur to Think for YourselfFebruary 26, 2010 11:06 AM

    Rabbi Shira,

    Who gave you semicha to paskin such things? Have you paskened on your own what bracha to say before drinking Coca Cola too? I bet you have!

  10. no no no
    you guys have it all wrong
    litvish frummies, chasidim of Rav Eliyashiv etc don't drink coke because it has Rav Landua's hechsher!!!

  11. It's Assur... - My husband has a smicha certificate on the wall, but it hangs above *my* desk. And that's where I sit when I post on blogs.... ;-)

  12. I'm a little late, but would this be to the exclusion of Pepsi or RC Cola?


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