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Feb 4, 2010

The Case of the Body Snatcher

Yesterday they had another instance of finding a dead body (in Meah Shearim this time), trying to take it for an autopsy, the body was snatched by Haredim with rioting because they opposed the plan to do an autopsy, the sides came to an agreement to only perform an external examination so body was returned.

I wonder what it must be like to snatch a body... Who has the courage to grab a dead body and run away with it slung over his shoulder or however he carries it. There is something surreal about the image in my mind of how this goes down.


  1. They normally put it in a wheelchair with sunglasses and two people walking side by side (holding it up) and 'looking strait ahead'. Decoys are also helpful.

  2. Rafi you don't remember my brother and a few guys did this once when he was in Naizer Hatorah?
    Just do like Not Brisk said and make like a jewish weekend at bernie's


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