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Feb 3, 2010

Mengel's diary bought

If Mengele's diary had to be auctioned off, at least it was bought by a descendant of a Holocaust Survivor and designated to be placed in a Holocaust museum.

At least now it will be preserved and not destroyed as part of an attempt to make it look like nothing ever happened. And, at least now it will not be used by Nazi wannabes as a motivational tool to encourage similar atrocities..

An auctioneer of historic documents said Tuesday that he had sold a journal written by Dr. Josef Mengele, the Nazi Holocaust's "Angel of Death," to the grandson of an Auschwitz survivor, the Hartford Courant reported.

According to the report, Bill Panagopulos of Alexander Autographs wrote in an e-mail that he had sold the 180-page journal for an undisclosed sum Tuesday "to an East Coast Jewish philanthropist who wishes to remain anonymous."

"He is the grandson of an Auschwitz survivor who personally encountered Mengele at Auschwitz," Panagopulos wrote. "He intends to donate the manuscript to a museum devoted to the Holocaust."

Background on Ynet.

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