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Feb 4, 2010

The Kohen Gadol has died!

The Kohen Gadol, Elazar ben-Tzadka) died.

The Kohen Gadol of the Shomronim, that is. The KG was 83 years old, and the new Kohen Gadol taking over is 81 years old. He claims to have lineage all the way back to Aharon, I assume documented otherwise he is like any other kohen. By their count, he is the 131st Kohen Gadol since Aharon HaKohen. (source: Ynet)

This group always intrigues me...


  1. Can we come out of our Ir Miklat now?

  2. yaak - on that note, if I remember correctly, shchem was one of the arei miklat. This kohein gadol lived in shchem for many years (and the shomronim are based mostly right next to shchem).
    now that he died, all the murderers of shchem should be released...

  3. Shimon and Levi Bros.February 05, 2010 12:43 AM

    ...now that he died, all the murderers of shchem should be released...

    Goody, now we can get out of this place.

  4. Rafi, this kohen gadol is not a descendant of Aharon.

    The last descendant of Aharon died a while ago and they had no choice but to hire a Levi(te).

  5. Yosef is correct. According to Yitzchak ben Tzvi:

    בראשית המאה ה-
    17 אירע אסון לעדה השומרונית: מנהיגה הדתי, הנצר האחרון מגזע בני אהרון, הכהן הגדול, שלמה בן פנחס, מת. מאז, במשך 300 שנה, ממלאים את מקומו הלוויים מזרע עוזיאל בן קהת, דוֹ‏ד משה רבנו. הכהן הראשון מבית לוי היה צדקה בן טוביה.

    Although all Samaritans have the Cohen gene which is thought to the markers of the ancient Israelites.

  6. I like the Samaritans too. I am even more into the Druze and have lots of books on them if youre interested. I even had a yechidus with their "Gaavad".

    ......pretty sad if I was excited to meet the Druze Gaavad but have no interested in meeting any other Gaavad.


  7. DA-

    I am beginning to believe that the Druze and samaritans might be closer to the real thing than what we have today.

  8. The Samaritans dont believe in Tora Shebal Peh.
    The worse we could do is learning Mishnayos in his memory...


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