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Feb 16, 2010

Mossad Hitman in Bet Shemesh

Time to be a better neighbor.

One of the guys whose name and photo was released as being in the group of Mossad agents that put out the hit in Dubai last week is a resident of Bet Shemesh. He claims it is a mistake and he had no involvement in the hit and is not a hitman or Mossad agent. (source: Haaretz)

Mossad agents always deny these things, so we don't really have any way of knowing one way or the other just by his statement.


  1. Don't you think a world class assassin would travel under a pseudonym?

    Come to think of it, a bad assassin would too!

  2. but of course none of them will have Dubai stamped in their passports. a friend of mine is flown there regularly for business, and the Dubai government routes them through Europe and gives them alternate identity papers with non-Jewish names, so that Dubai won't be caught *letting* Jews into the country!


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