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Feb 28, 2010

Damp Purim

walking around in the rain giving out mishloach manos is kind of fun!


  1. damp is fun.

    soaked... a little less so.

  2. Rained on Shabbos in la, but was nice on purim

  3. We had thunder, hai and downpour every 15 minutes or so and terrible wind all day. The sky was a dingy, angry gray and it totally threw me off my Purim enjoyment.

    Thankfully my boys are still young enough that it wasn't ruined for them.

  4. Its only fun if you didnt forget your coat a good 5 mins away from your house and get stuck in a tremendous downpour because you had to get home - by foot - and could not wait it out for 10 mins, and had a small kid with you who doesnt run so fast, and then you get soaked to the bone, thru yoru jacket, ruin a hat, and need to change from head to toe - only who has time on purim?
    But if that wasnt you, and you remembered you umbrella and coat, like I did the next time I went out- then yes. It is fun :)

  5. Think of it this way,
    Rain is a Bracha!
    Rain on Purim is a double Bracha.
    Rain now means we can all takes showers in the summer! (no rationing)

  6. we were out a couple times when it started pouring. we got completely soaked and still had a good time.

  7. It's only fun if you have about 6 hands:
    One to hold the umbrella
    One to hold onto your hat to stop it blowing away in the gale
    One to hold your little one firmly by the hand
    One to hold the mishloach manot package that you are trying to deliver, which is precariously taped together.
    One to hold the mishloach manot package that you have just received, which is a bottle of wine balancing on a box of chocolates and is held together with sticky tape.
    And one to open the building door to get out of the pouring rain.
    With only 2 hands it was ricky!


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